Change History
The time for the IS03 session has been changed to 2/23 PM2 (16:10-17:50). The room for this session will be RYB1.
The order of presentations in the IS05 has been changed. (1st and 4th talks have been swapped).
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[IS12] Advances in Biomedical Data Analysis2/22 15:40-17:20(JST: UTC+9)
Room: RY102

Organizers: Michio Yamamoto (Okayama University, Japan), Yoshikazu Terada (Osaka University, Japan)
Chair: Yoshikazu Terada (Osaka University, Japan)

  • One-step approximation of covariate balancing propensity score using generalized linear models
    Tomohiro Shinozaki (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)
  • Direct and indirect effect with multiple longitudinal mediators
    Masataka Taguri (Yokohama City University, Japan), Yasuyuki Okuda (Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd., Japan)
  • Odds-based predictive improvement index for binary regression models
    Kenichi Hayashi (Keio University, Japan), Shinto Eguchi (Institution of Statistical Mathematics, Japan)
  • Estimation of the causal effects of stochastic interventions based on sufficient dimension reduction
    Michio Yamamoto (Okayama University / RIKEN AIP, Japan)

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