Change History
The time for the IS03 session has been changed to 2/23 PM2 (16:10-17:50). The room for this session will be RYB1.
The order of presentations in the IS05 has been changed. (1st and 4th talks have been swapped).
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[IS04] Recent Advances in Big Data Learning with Network Structures2/23 11:00-12:40(JST: UTC+9)
Room: RY102

Organizer and Chair: Zhao Ren (University of Pittsburgh, USA)

  • Functional causal modeling via Karhunen-Loève expansions
    Kuang-Yao Lee (Temple University, USA), Lexin Li (University of California at Berkeley, USA), Bing Li (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
  • Integrative inference for biological networks
    Yuping Zhang (University of Connecticut, USA)
  • Clustering with latent semiparametric mixture models
    Wen Zhou (Colorado State University, USA)
  • Simultaneous inference in multiple matrix-variate graphs for high-dimensional neural recordings
    Zhao Ren (University of Pittsburgh, USA)

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