Change History
The time for the IS03 session has been changed to 2/23 PM2 (16:10-17:50). The room for this session will be RYB1.
The order of presentations in the IS05 has been changed. (1st and 4th talks have been swapped).
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[CS03] Distribution Theory2/23 11:00-12:40(JST: UTC+9)
Room: RY105

Chair: Shigekazu Nakagawa (Okayama University of Science, Japan)

  • Choice of the Dirichlet parameter for estimation of measures in two-way contingency tables
    Tomotaka Momozaki, Koji Cho, Tomoyuki Nakagawa, Sadao Tomizawa (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)
  • Modified Anderson-Darling statistic and its power comparison
    Yuyan Ma, Masato Kitani, Hidetoshi Murakami (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)
  • A test statistic based on normalized transformation for multivariate sample kurtosis
    Eri Kurita, Seo Takashi (Tokyo University of Science, Japan), Zofia Hanusz (University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Poland)
  • Modified profile likelihood estimation in the Lomax distribution with censored data
    Maisoun Sewailem, Ayman Baklizi (Qatar University, Qatar)

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